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Eugene Gleason Eugene Gleason, NAC Consulting Associate

Eugene Gleason is an experienced nuclear professional with deep expertise in economic analysis, strategic business planning and analysis, low level radioactive waste management, nuclear decommissioning as well as capture management planning and implementation. Mr. Gleason has held senior management positions in government and commercial organizations. As Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Energy Office Gene served as the NRC Agreement State Liaison Officer; was responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of nuclear and radioactive materials regulations; assisted the safe development of nuclear facilities and managed New York’s low level radioactive waste activities. Mr. Gleason helped develop and implement the safe disposal of low level radioactive waste and managed commercial nuclear waste and nuclear power plant decommissioning projects for Envirocare of Utah and MHF Logistical Solutions. Mr. Gleason is a founding member and former Chairman of the US Nuclear Infrastructure Council.

Dr. John Harbottle Dr. John Harbottle, NAC Consulting Associate

John Harbottle is a physics and metallurgy graduate with over 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry. He is an expert in materials behavior, mechanical design and performance of fuel assemblies and core components. His consulting expertise includes fuel design evaluation, water chemistry, in-reactor fuel performance and reliability issues. He is a leading expert in the area of Zirconium alloy technology, where he has published widely over many years. He also has played a major role in the coordination and technical management of the NAC Stoller COPAG program.

Sten Lundberg Sten Lundberg, NAC Consulting Associate

Sten Lundberg has more than 30 years experience in BWR operations and core analysis. His work experience includes nuclear analyses and operation roles in Barsebäck and KK Leibstadt, code development and testing in Studsvik, plus consulting on core and fuel analysis, including steady state and transient conditions. He is a licensed Station Nuclear Engineer, SNE. He has a license to run the CASMO SIMULATE code. Sten also is an experienced technical contributor to the NAC Stoller COPAG program.

Dr. Hans-Urs Zwicky Dr. Hans-Urs Zwicky, NAC Consulting Associate

Hans-Urs Zwicky has 30 years of experience in nuclear research and industry including 12 years in irradiated fuel and core component investigations, 7 years as a fuel performance specialist and head of nuclear engineering at KK Leibstadt in Switzerland, followed by 10 years in consulting roles, on an independent basis and with NAC. Dr. Zwicky also has served as a member of the Swiss Federal Commission for the Safety of Nuclear Installations (KSA). He has made major technical contributions to the NAC Stoller COPAG program and other NAC Consulting assignments over many years.