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NAC Consulting services in support of Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards & Security include; a service related to material control & accounting (MC&A) systems, support to the analysis of technologies and nations of proliferation concern, and the implementation of global nonproliferation projects.


Technology and Country Analysis – NAC can assist in the evaluation of nuclear technologies of concern to nuclear nonproliferation regimes as well as analysis of national programs.

Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) – NAC is a main contractor that supports the U.S. government’s GTRI program implementation. NAC has supported the packaging, handling, and retrieval of nuclear materials deemed of proliferation concern in numerous countries around the globe.

MC&A Systems - NAC Consulting has more than 15 years experience in design, development and operation of nuclear material accountancy systems, including:

  • Nuclear Materials Control and Accountability (NMC&A) standards

  • Operation of the U.S. Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System (NMMSS)

  • Design, development and maintenance of the NMMSS

NAC Consulting Nuclear MC&A services are offered to support national governments and individual companies in the following areas:

Within the U.S.

  • Technical assistance with interpreting NMMSS reports and requirements for NRC Licensees, DOE Contractors, Auditors and Inspectors

  • Facilitation of interaction between the government and reporting facilities

  • NMMSS training

  • Bolt-ons for Local Area Nuclear Materials Accounting Software (LANMAS)

  • Assistance in building site NMC&A systems

  • Support Site NMC&A activities

Outside the U.S.

  • Assistance in building, maintaining and operating a state nuclear accountancy system

  • Assistance in constructing an Obligation Tracking system and electronic tracking for Advance Notifications to/from other countries.

  • Assistance analyzing reports and data supplied by other countries.

  • Advise a country on methods that will improve reporting to their state nuclear accountancy system

  • Assist in developing training for facilities reporting to the state nuclear accountancy system

  • Assistance in building site NMC&A systems


NAC Consulting nuclear MC&A products include:

For more information, please contact one of our expert consultants:

  • Sam Brown in the United States at +1-678-328-1318
  • Dan Collier in the United States at +1-678-328-1294