NAC Consulting Uranium Supply Analysis System (USAS)
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The Uranium Supply Analysis System is a thorough database of uranium production cost estimates to provide the ability to forecast New Sources of Uranium: Where will they come from and what will be the cost of production?

More than 25 years ago, after many years of following and analyzing the uranium market, combined with hands-on operations experience, NAC developed the Uranium Supply Analysis (USA) System. This Microsoft Windows application generates reports from a database containing technical and financial information on more than 400 worldwide uranium properties. The system integrates geotechnical parameters, financial estimates and contractual commitments with demand data for a variety of applications--ranging from individual producer cash flows to U3O8 price trend projections.

The database is updated annually with current information on worldwide uranium production capability and demand, allowing System users to conduct detailed analyses of the uranium market. The USA System allows the user to modify the database to account for new technical and financial information on uranium properties and to conduct analyses using this new information.

The USA System provides the tools to:

  • Determine the relative competitiveness of uranium properties.
  • Conduct project acquisition evaluations.
  • Develop uranium procurement strategies.
  • Project market prices using the market balancing capability.
  • Establish production and marketing plans.
  • Identify potential uranium sellers.

The USA System includes software, an interactive database, a user manual and a cash flow book. Click here for more details.

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