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Fuel-Trac Status Reports: Fuel-Trac is the best available database model of supply and demand, covering the front end and back end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Fuel-Trac provides the most comprehensive available reference to support your business analyses including; accurate demand data, a map of supplier-buyer relationships and a picture of future uncommitted demand and business opportunities.

NAC annually publishes Industry Status Reports, available in six bound volumes and/or as electronic files, providing information on the activities of every buyer and seller for the commodities and services in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Each status report addresses a nuclear fuel cycle segment:

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  • Nuclear Generation
  • U3O8
  • UF6
  • Enrichment
  • LWR Fabrication
  • Spent Fuel/Reprocessing

Each status report features overviews for:

  • Countries
  • Country Groups
  • Worldwide

U3O8, UF6, Enrichment and LWR Fabrication status reports provide details for:

  • Utilities (requirements and contractual commitments)
  • Agents (contractual commitments)
  • Suppliers (capacity and contractual commitments)

The Nuclear Generation report features:

  • List of all past, present, and future commercial reactors by country
  • Includes generating capacity, reactor type, startup and shutdown dates, NSSS Vendor

The Spent Fuel/Reprocessing report provides:

  • Detailed spent fuel discharges for all reactors
  • Amount of uranium, plutonium in the spent fuel as well as burnup and number of assemblies discharged

The Fuel-Trac status reports can be accessed online. Once you have a subscription contract, NAC will issue a username and password. Click here for more details.

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