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Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights is NAC’s flagship market report, produced annually and providing in-depth analysis and insights into the main issues driving the evolution of nuclear fuel markets. The 2012 issue will be completed in April. For anyone who is serious about strategies for nuclear fuel procurement, for nuclear fuel service suppliers looking at market opportunities, market evolution and investment decisions and for others on the outside of the industry but with a close interest in the nuclear fuel cycle and its projected developments, NFMI&I 2012 will provide what you need to support your decision making.

Presented in a new format, the important issues addressed in the report will include:
  • The realities of nuclear power growth potential
  • Whether or not U3O8 production will keep pace with growing demand and at what cost
  • How the UF6 conversion sector will adjust to secure future requirements
  • The need (or not) for new projects in the enrichment sector and the implications for choice and competition and prices
  • The need for adjustment in the manufacturing footprint of the fuel assembly fabrication sector and the future competitive environment, potentially including new entrants

All of these issues will be addressed in detail and with the benefit of insights from NAC's hugely experienced consulting team. Our projections in recent years have been very good at predicting future developments. Now is a crucial time to take advantage of this experience to provide yourself with a solid base of realistic, feet on the ground data and judgments to use in shaping your own strategy.

Click here to download a brochure describing the report scope.

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