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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Products

NAC Nuclear Fuel Cycle Consulting regular annual nuclear fuel cycle publications include:

  • Fuel-Trac Status Reports: Fuel-Trac is the best available database model of supply and demand, covering the front end and back end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Available in six bound volumes and/or as electronic files, Fuel-Trac provides the most comprehensive available reference to support your business analyses including; accurate demand data, a description of supplier-buyer relationships and a picture of future uncommitted demand and business opportunities.

  • Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights is NAC’s flagship market report, produced annually and providing in-depth analysis and insights into the main issues driving the evolution of nuclear fuel markets.

NAC Consulting database application software products include:

  • Uranium Supply Analysis System: A thorough database of uranium production cost estimates containing technical and financial information on more than 460 worldwide uranium deposits, providing the ability to forecast new sources of uranium: Where will they come from? What will be the cost of production?

  • Nuclear Earth: A simple, easy-to-use interactive nuclear map that provides a one-stop portal to the nuclear industry of the world. This satellite image-based interface brings the nuclear facilities of the world into your office, with links to the power of NAC’s fuel cycle database information.

For many years NAC International has provided expert support to nuclear utilities seeking augmentation of their in-house knowledge and personnel responsible for nuclear fuel fabrication procurement. NAC’s expert support to your procurement activities has the potential to repay the investment in our services many times over. Learn how.

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