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About Us: Commercial, Market and Strategic Consulting

NAC Commercial, Market & Strategic Consulting delivers services across the nuclear industry that are broad and varied, including:

  • Nuclear industry supply capabilities, market and commercial analyses and projected future developments

  • Nuclear industry new build program assessments, national strategies and projected future developments

  • Economic modeling of programs and investment strategies across different sectors of the nuclear industry.

  • Evaluation of investment and financing opportunities including:

    • Merger and acquisition support
    • Due diligence assessments of nuclear industry corporations

  • The description of regulatory frameworks and their associated costs and effectiveness

  • Security of supply evaluations

  • Nuclear technology reviews and technological options analysis

  • Nuclear risk management, assessment and mitigation planning

  • Technical, political, public, socio-political issue analysis

  • Nuclear fuel technical performance

  • Quality assurance and supplier oversight

We are experts in all aspects of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, including:

  • Uranium Mining and Production Costs

  • Uranium, Conversion, Enrichment and Fabrication Markets, Supply and Competitive Analysis

  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Back End Sectors including

    • Spent fuel reprocessing
    • Recycle of reprocessed uranium
    • Plutonium and MOX

  • Nuclear Materials Transport

  • Nuclear Fuel Design, Manufacture and Performance

  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Training

  • Quality Assurance and Supplier Oversight

  • Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility Decommissioning

  • Waste Liabilities Management Analysis including Waste Disposal

This breadth of fuel cycle experience and a worldwide international presence makes NAC the nuclear industry's leading independent fuel cycle consultant.

We publish a series of standard information reports and products throughout the year and, most importantly, we are ready to respond to your individual, custom consulting needs.